Day 3: Sensuality and Self Love

Yoni LoveChristiane Ameya

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Christiane Ameya

Tantric Healer and Womb Priestess

About Christiane Ameya

Christiane Ameya is a Tantric teacher, womb priestess and healer who facilitates retreats, workshops and private sessions on topics of divine femininity & sacred sexuality. She worked with over 400 women over the last 5 years. With her soft feminine presence that she embodies now, you won't believe that Christiane lived most of her life disconnected from her true essence, her body and sensuality.

After burning out at 28 and recovering from depression, she began her journey of self-healing and spiritual awakening. Christiane dedicated her life to support individuals and couples to remember their deep feminine feeling nature that leads them back home to a loving connection with themselves, their bodies and their relationships. She walks her talk gracefully as a path of love. German born, she currently lives between Ibiza and Bali.

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